Mobility and communication are among the most important prerequisites for successful businesses in the modern society. As a consequence wireless communications solutions become more significant every day and are recognized to be a key success factor for every enterprise to adequately address the daily challenge of creative business to excel. All activities of wistec accommodate this fact in full extent, which is essential to our success.

Wistec, with it's domicile near Zurich in Switzerland, is a recognized enterprise which has specialised all it's activities in marketing and distributing leading edge radio technology required to establish wireless communication solutions. The focus of wistec's high quality products is on by-directional spread spectrum amplifiers, converters and the appropriate antenna systems for the equipment following the standard of IEEE 802.11b (and IEEE 802.11a in the future when this type of systems are released) delivered to our distributors around the world. The innovative technology provides added values to our customers which results in advantage over the competition.

New Products
The majority of amplifier, converter and antenna products are targeted to meet the typical requirements to extend the range of operation for wireless LAN solutions (from indoor and campus LAN to outdoor applications and MAN) in the license free ISM band (2.4, 5.3-5.9 GHz). Custom tailoring of the equipment is a special service we offer in order to be in accordance with the rules and regulations in the various geographical markets and to address the needs of special applications. Antennas with integrated amplifiers are among our distinctive innovations that provide a significant competitive benefit.

Press Realeases
The modern and highly automated manufacturing processes in combination with a strict quality control assure products being built with a continuous level of superior quality and provide a high degree of customer satisfaction leading to excellent reputation in the market.