In many cases the use of WISTEC equipment allows to increase the performing range, capability and the quality of the wireless network.

Below some examples are given:

1.The use of an amplifier increases the stability and quality of the performance and the performance range of a wireless network up to five times as much.
2. The use of amplifiers and directional antennas increases the length of the radio channel an even helps to avoid the use of an additional repeater in some cases.
3. WISTEC sector antenna is designed specially for wireless Internet service providers and enterprise network applications for using in "cell" sites to provide up to 360 degrees coverage. If the provider has several frequency channels than the segmentation gives the possibility to increase the capacity of the cell by the most effective using of frequency resource and decrease a level of mutual interferences.
4. In some cases when the office network supposed to be connected with another one is situated on the ground floor of the building the use of an indoor amplifier allows to simplify the cable laying and reduce its cost of by using UTP instead of more expensive and difficult in laying coaxial RF-cable when the amplifier is mounted outdoor in the thermo-box together with a radiounit near the antenna.
5.WISTEC indoor amplifier allows to increase operating range of wireless Access Point inside the buildings with ferro-concrete structures and elevator shafts and therefore to use a less number of Access Points for deploying the office wireless LAN.